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Welcome to Access Consciousness Facilitator Trainings!

As an Access Facilitator you are stepping into being a contribution to more consciousness being available on this planet and to all who choose it. This is a huge gift to opening up a greater possibility for the end of limitation, destruction and judgment, or at the very least to begin to change it.

You can for example become a Bars Facilitator, a Certified Facilitator, a Being You Facilitator, a Body Process Facilitator and a Body Class Facilitator.

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators Training - Audio Live

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators Training in Costa Rica

Being You Facilitator Training - Audio Live

Right Body for You Facilitator Training

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Training

A Certified Facilitator Training class is the last step in becoming an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Certified facilitators are able to facilitate Access Bars and The Foundation classes, as well as their own special topics classes. What if this could be something you add to your life that creates more for you and everyone?


Being You Facilitator Training

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator Training

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training with Gary Douglas & Christopher Hughes - Audio Live

Wealth Creators Anonymous Facilitators

Right Relationship for You Facilitator Training

Talk To The Entities - Certified Facilitator Training

Trening za facilitatorja radosti poslovanja

Izvedite, kako spremeniti svet posla in kako facilitirati licenčne seminarje Joy of Business®, ki jih je ustanovila Simone Milasas, mednarodna koordinatorka Access Consciousness®.

Pragmatic Psychology Facilitator Training

Žal nam je, trenutno ne najdemo ustrezajočih seminarjev ali dogodkov.

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