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Getting Started

Will you allow the earth to nurture you through its contribution? Will you nurture the earth with your willingness to receive the magic it offers you every single day?

We live on a beautiful planet that provides for our every need, and thrives beyond our capacity to diminish, destroy or control it. What world could we create if we acknowledged the gift that the earth is to us every day? Could we continue to live in despair, trauma, drama and a sense of ‘lack’ when we tap into the consciousness of the planet and what it is offering us? Would we make our daily problems more real than our capacity to create beyond our wildest dreams?

The earth functions from consciousness, from the oneness that is and from no separation between it, and it’s inhabitants. We however take every opportunity to separate from the essence of our being so we can dive into our thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep us in the roundabout called this reality. Do you ever notice the animals or wildlife doing that? No. If a patch of land is left uncovered for any period of time, something will grow on it. The planet is constantly moving and changing with the ebb and flow of energy that is created and generated upon it. What would it be like if we danced with it? What reality might we have access to that has never existed on planet earth before?

We are at a time in history where there has been the least amount of change for thousands of years, as a human race we have worked hard to keep things as they are and to muffle the subtle shifts in energy of the earth. Our planet is now changing whether we like it or not. Are you going to thrive with it? Now is the time.

A Conversation with the Earth

Guest Blog Post by Gary Douglas

Have you ever had a conversation with the earth? And not one of those conversations where you randomly notice the beauty around you, which is great yet can be short lived, but a deep communion where you and the earth get to know each other in more magical ways than ever before.

Would you like to have that kind of communion with the earth? What if the earth has been asking for your awareness and your energy? What could change if you would acknowledge that the earth is waiting for you to know it as well as for it to know you?

Someone asked me what The Earth Class is about. I gave them three questions to explore.

“What do you know about the earth?”

“What does the earth know about you?”

“What can the earth gift you that you’re not willing to receive?”