Being Magic - The Adventure of Being You, An Intro

What if you have the capacity to create your world by magic – as something that goes beyond your wildest dreams?

We’re taught that magic is hocus pocus, an illusion or airy-fairy fantasy... What if it’s actually who we are?

Magic is the capacity to be present in any situation and change it simply by being... by asking questions and receiving everything that shows up – the good, bad and ugly – with no judgment or point of view.

Are there parts of your life that could use a bit of fairy-dust? Welcome to a special class with a Being You certified facilitator where you’ll explore how to create magic as you walk through life!

If you were truly being the magic you are, what would you choose? What if everything comes to us in ease and joy and glory?


2-4 hours




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This special evening event is FREE for those attending the Choice of Possibilities in Prague, Czech Republic on Aug 16-18.